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Schools and Education

Parents and Teachers As Allies

This two-hour in-service program helps school professionals identify the early warning signs of early-onset mental illnesses in children and adolescents in schools.  It focuses on the specific, age-related symptoms of mental illnesses in youth, how best to intervene, and shared the lived experiences of consumers and families.

Read more about this program on the Parents and Teachers As Allies page.

Special Education & Related Services

IEP Tips for Parents & Teachers
Learn more about Individualized Education Programs.

Organizations Focused on Special Education & School-Based Mental Health

NAMI Beginnings - Spring 2004 - Issue #5
This issue of Beginnings discusses Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, while informing parents about their child's rights in the educational system.


School Mental Health Services

Recommendations on Helpful Ways for School Professionals and Families to Talk about Mental Health Related Concerns

Schools and Families United for the Mental Health and Well-Being of Children

New York City Board of Education vs. Tom F. Amicus Brief
NAMI signed onto an amicus brief for this Supreme Court case involving the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act.


School-Based Early Identification Programs

Mental Health Screening in Schools
This article appeared in the Journal of School Health February 2007 issue. It focuses on the value of mental health screening in schools and helps to set the record straight on the components and process of screening programs while stressing the critical role that schools should play in early identification and intervention.

NAMI's Response to Attacks on Mental Health Screening

President's New Freedom Commission on Mental Health
The report released by the President's New Freedom Commission on Mental Health includes recomendations designed to improve the mental healthcare system. Goal Four of the report calls for the early identification of mental illness.


NAMI on Campus
NAMI just re-lauched NAMI on Campus. NAMI on Campus provides information and resources to support students living with mental health conditions and to empower them to take action on their campuses. This site also includes materials to help colleges in improving the academic and social experience of their students by addressing the mental health needs of all students.

NAMI Beginnings - Fall 2010 - Issue 16
Issue #16 of Beginnings focuses on back to school issues, including accessing school-based services and supports and developing an effective Individualized Education Program (IEP).

A Focus Group Report: A Conversation with CIT Trained School Resource Officers
A focus group report that outlines the valuable feedback, input and thoughts School Resource Officers provided during a focus group NAMI hosted in Lake Charles, La. The report includes recommendations on topics that NAMI believes should be covered in CIT for Youth training and changes that should be made in schools and other child-serving systems to improve the school environment for SROs, school staff and all students, especially those living with mental health needs.

Other School and Education Resources