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Mother's Day Tribute 2012

Honor Mom with a donation to NAMI in her name.

Join NAMI in celebration of mothers and all the women in our lives who provide so much love, strength, and guidance.

You may make your gift in tribute to your mother, spouse, or other loved one and include a message of support for display below.

Your contribution will be a tribute to all the moms in your life and will help NAMI support the many mothers, fathers, daughters and sons whose lives are affected by serious mental illness.

Name Amount In Tribute To Message
Leonard J. Gojer $10.00 Berta Gojer Happy Mother's Day Mama, from Leonard
BETTY MUCICH $20.00 BETTY MUCICH Mom, you may have left this earth on 9/20/11, but your spirit lives on in me and in NAMI-Greene County,Inc. Your light will forever shine. I love you and miss you!
Your daughter, Paula $10.00 Martha Dorsey Fujita You are the BEST!!! You have been there thru the good & the bad. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING, I love you. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!
Kathe Godette $10.00 Adora Godette Mother Dear, I miss you every day and live on in joy in tribute to you always...
Kerry Karner $35.00 Nancy Karner My mother literally saved my life and provides a loving home.
Anonymous $50.00 Thanks to all moms and their unconditional love.
Debi $35.00 Ida Calvarese In memory of one of the strongest women I knew. She suffered from depression for years, but kept on living and helping others.
Leslie Ortiz $25.00 Tira Lee Serrano Thank you Tira for being Gabe's Mom this past year! For your selfless, unconditional love and support for your brother Gabe and for all your children! Thank you for all you do! This world is a kinder, and more beautiful place because of you and all those who advocate for and protect our metally ill!
Jann Becker, M.O.M. $100.00 Jann Becker Great idea. Giving for Mother's Day.
Margaret $35.00 Maedelle Carter Hickey Loving and beautiful mother, thank you for your strength and care. May God continue to watch over you.
Sherry (Hixson) Danner $50.00 Janice Hixson Mom, you are so COOL.
Paul & Melissa Ostrowski $35.00 Connie Bergen I love you SO much Mum!
Jeremy L. Deming $50.00 Ms. Deborah Petty This gift is a small effort to relieve Mothers all over the country of the terrible tragedy that is mental illness.
Amanda L. Rush $35.00 Sharon L. Rush My mother has helped me from day 1 of me asking for help. She has helped pay medical bills, has visited me during my hospitalizations, and helps me just by listening to my problems. I could not do this bipolar business without her. I wish that every person with a mental illness could have such a supporting mother, and with this donation I hope that more people can be reached and offered the help they need.
Anna, Stafford, and Grace $35.00 Carolyn Long
Rick, Judy, and Jenna Cunningham $35.00 Marlene Buffo Happy Mother's Day! Thanks for all your help and support. Without your love, financial support, dinners, and phone calls it would have made a really tough time worse! We love you!
Sandip Guha $100.00 Saikat Sweet memory of Saikat
Kathleen LeClear O'Connell $50.00 Irene Ciancetta LeClear God bless all mothers, but especially those - living and deceased - who live or lived with serious mental illness.
Anonymous $25.00
Shana O:-) $35.00 Kathy Bauldry Mom, thank you for all the ways you support me and my family. Thank you for being an advocate for mental illness. Thank you for being a trusted friend. You are the best! <3
Madeleine Breen $50.00 The Memory of Alice H. Lucas Through your suffering, you have made my life so much more alive. Thank you for paving the way....
Anonymous $112.00 Gretchen Tomlin
Katherine Switz $50.00 Lee Switz Thank you for helping me stay healthy!
L. Avery $35.00 Lorraine Avery Thanks Mom, for everything
Anonymous $100.00
Anonymous $100.00 Melody Leinenbach I couldn't think of what would be a good present to show how much I care for you and what a great mother you've been my entire life, so I decided to donate to what you care about. I love you.
Risa $10.00 Estelle Lipp Happy Mother's Day! You surely are one of the faces to be recognized in the fight against mental illness!
Nora, Don and the boys $25.00 Carrie Drews
Amelia Minder $10.00 I call this woman far too much. She knows far too much about me. She knows more about me than I know about myself. She knows exactly what to say, even though I may not like it. She knows exactly what not to say, so I figure it out on my own. But all this is okay, because she is my mother. Happy Mother's Day Momma! I love you!
Katie $35.00 Cindy Langwiser Thank you for never giving up on me. I know it can be frustrating dealing with me, so I appreciate your patience as well as your continual support. I feel deeply loved.
Becky Rozewicz $50.00 Lorraine Rozewicz Dearest Mom, You are the the strongest woman in my life and I love you forever. Thank you for your living example of love.
The Garcia Boys $100.00 Wanda B. Garcia You're the best Mom! We love you.

Honor Mom: Please make a donation today.