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NAMI Gala "Virtual Table" NAMI 2009 Gala

2009 NAMI Gala Virtual Table

NAMI thanks all our supportors of the 2009 Unmasking Mental Illness Gala. Your support of our 2009 Virtual Table will ensure NAMI can continue improving the lives of individuals and families affected by mental illness.

Please make a donation online if you would like to add your name to the list of supporters below. You may also choose to remain anonymous.

Click here for more information about this year's event.

Name Amount Message
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Ricci $100.00     Thank you NAMI for all you do for families and their loved ones.
Jill Larson $50.00     Keep up the good work by representing the disadvantaged.
Dr. and Mr. John E. Mitchell $52.00     Only with dedication and compassion can we find better solutions to mental illness. Our deep thanks to NAMI for all the work this TEAM does in help victims of mental illness. Together, we CAN and DO make a positive difference.
Margaret C Williams $50.00    
Marge Blondell $100.00     Thanks for working to fight the stigma of mental illness
Victoria E. Rosencranz $50.00     Striving for all to understand the people with this illness...THANK YOU for your hard work. My mom lives with schizophrenia.
Jamie Flaxman $50.00    
Neal R Wood $50.00     Go to all support meetings; Take in Nami activities so as to get to meet people like yourself; and Never Give Up Hope!
Shelly Patterson $50.00     I'm a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and I live with Mental Illness, all of my support to you!
Lindsay L.D. $50.00    
Peggy Moses $50.00     Congratulations! Thank you for your service and dedication. Peggy Moses
Molloy College Psychology Club $70.00     The Molloy College Psychology Club is dedicating their fundraising efforts this academic year to support NAMI.
annila& FArooq Rehman $50.00     Appreciation for the research done for MI
Jennifer Moorhouse-Buksar $500.00     Thank you for giving us a voice and fighting for equality and respect. You have helped me overcome my shame and lead a better and more productive life.
Fran Walker $100.00     Wish I could be there! Congratulations, NAMI!

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