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Grading the States 2009: State by State

The following chart may be sorted by each state's overall grade as well as its grade in each of NAMI's 2009 scoring categories (I. Health Promotion and Measurement, II. Financing & Core Treatment/Recovery Services, III. Consumer & Family Empowerment, and IV. Community Integration and Social Inclusion).

The data also may be sorted by the number of individuals with serious mental illness (prevalence) in each state and the 2006 state grade.

Distribution of Grades

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State 2009 Grade 2006 Grade Category I Category II Category III Category IV Prevalence*
United States D D D C D D 10,585,435
Connecticut B B B B A C 108,730
Maine B B B B B B 51,248
Maryland B C B B B C 175,173
Massachusetts B C B B C C 210,815
New York B N/A C B B C 672,924
Oklahoma B D B C C C 147,343
Oregon C C C B F B 137,345
Pennsylvania C D D C C D 448,455
Rhode Island C C D C D D 37,739
New Hampshire C D C C D D 42,818
New Jersey C C C C B D 258,617
New Mexico C C C C F D 71,674
Minnesota C C D C C D 167,810
Missouri C C C C D D 222,596
Hawaii C C D B D D 32,435
District of Columbia C C D B D C 22,811
Arizona C D D B B C 220,909
California C C B C D B 1,175,006
Colorado C N/A F B C D 157,828
Vermont C C C C C D 22,712
Virginia C D C C C D 261,959
Washington C D D B F D 218,585
Wisconsin C B D B C D 188,057
Ohio C B C C C B 418,207
Alabama D D F C D F 186,541
Tennessee D C D C C D 246,003
Texas D C F D F D 832,795
Utah D D F C C D 82,362
Delaware D C D D F D 28,652
Florida D C F D D C 660,443
Georgia D D D C C C 348,789
Idaho D F F D D D 54,375
Illinois D F D C C D 420,841
Indiana D D D D D D 226,713
Iowa D F D D F D 104,922
Kansas D F D C D D 95,110
Michigan D C F B D D 348,154
Montana D F F C D F 38,961
Nebraska D D F D F F 60,744
Nevada D D F D D F 88,540
Alaska D D D C F F 23,650
Louisiana D D D D D D 182,593
North Carolina D D D C F C 334,855
North Dakota D F F D D F 24,131
South Carolina D B F C C F 170,022
South Dakota F F F F F F 30,351
Missippi F D F F C F 125,269
Kentucky F F F D D F 181,441
Arkansas F D F D F F 116,435
Wyoming F D F D F F 19,733
West Virginia F D D F F F 81,214

* Source: Charles E. Holzer, III, Ph.D. of the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas and Hoang T. Nguyen, Ph.D. of LifeStat LLC (see for additional information). Note: National total is 10,585,435.

"Recovery means being able to function at the highest quality of life for me with a variety of services, medications, and treatments available to help me do that."
-- North Dakota