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For some reason, I love to torture myself. My latest torture device--20 marathons over the next 11 months, for the purpose of running my 25th marathon on my 25th birthday.

I have always wanted to run for a cause; the only reason I have not yet is because I'd rather sit on my lazy butt than put forth some effort fundraising! I decided it's time to get off facebook, turn off the TV, and get to work. The reason I started running in the first place was because it provided a way to heal after the death of my mom, and it helped me to beat depression.. so I think it's fitting that the first cause I run for supports advocacy, education, and research grants for mental illness.

My first instinct was to run for cancer research (also appropriate, because if you don't already know, cancer was the cause of both of my parents' deaths). However, cancer research is already very widely supported and researched, so I would rather devote my time, energy, and money to raising awareness for causes that do not already receive a lot of attention.

I am splitting up the remaining 20 marathons into 4 groups of 5.

The first five marathons will be raising money for NAMI

The next five, Rett Disorder

After that, XP (a rare skin condition)

And finally, Parkinson's

More info to follow... I hope you decide to join me on this adventure!

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