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In Loving Memory of Aulii Hoolauaehiapoomahina Suggs

This page has been created to honor the life of Aulii Hoolauaebiapoomahina Suggs, who passed away September 2011.

Aulii was a student in Green River, WY and graduated with the class of 2010. Aulii was a wonderful person and brought so much to the lives of those who knew her. We are all lucky to have had the opportunity to know her.

Thank you so much for taking the time to donate to a cause so important in the name of Aulii.

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Aulii Hoolauaehiapoomahina Suggs





This page was created by Amy Galley in memory of Aulii Hoolauaehiapoomahina Suggs

Given in memory of Aulii Hoolauaehiapoomahina Suggs

Michelle Cordova

Your memory is secure in my heart.


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