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In Loving Memory of Robin Copeland

Welcome to Robin Copeland's Memorial web page for the National Alliance on Mental Illness, the nation's largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to improving the lives of all those affected by mental illness.

This page has been set up by CRDF Global in memory of our dear colleague, Robin Copeland.

Robin was our good friend and a tireless champion of nonproliferation and science engagement. For those of us who worked personally with her, as well as for the nonproliferation community around the world, she was an esteemed colleague, a talented professional and a close friend. She brought a passion and devotion to her job that has deeply touched anyone who has worked with her.

From the early days of the Gore/Chernomyrdin commission in the 1990s, to her most recent work in science engagement at CRDF Global, Robin was a driving force for action and innovation for every office in which she worked. Her efforts to build and create meaningful engagement for the sake of safety, security and relationships, were tireless.

Robin’s presence within the nonproliferation community created networks that have contributed to cooperation and achievements in many areas. As we continue doing the work that she loved, her achievements and passion inspire us, and the relationships she created and fostered endure. Robin was truly one of a kind – a very special, caring, smart and sensitive person.

In her honor, we will make a pledge to support NAMI and its important work. We will apply that part of Robin that remains with each of us to the achievement of the goal we have set and sincerely thank you for your participation and encouragement.

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Robin Copeland





This page was created by mary wynne in memory of Robin Copeland

Initial Gift: $35.00

Given in memory of Robin Copeland

Jane Fitzpatrick

In honor of Ribin's Birthday April 25


William Copeland

God Bless you Robin and Thank you to all who are supporting this effort.


Jane Fitzpatrick


Jennifer Reichert


Julie Rawls Moore


Shawn Garcia




Sheilah Hendrickson

Robin, you are missed. Thanks for tirelessly working to make the world a safer place. May you rest in peace.


kathryn insley


Rick Cockerham

Thank you Robin.


Camille deWalder

Robin, I think of you often, hoping that you have found the peace that you worked so hard to achieve. God bless my love. I miss you so much.


Lisa Fitzpatrick

Robin, You will always be with us in our hearts and minds. May others be helped by the gifts made in your honor here.




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