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Carole Atherton's Personal Fundraising Page

This summer, starting on June 16, I will begin a bicycle ride that will total approximately 2800 miles from Seattle to Chicago. For most of the trip (Seattle to Minneapolis), I will be participating in the Cycle America Coast to Coast tour. You can review their route at I have developed my own route for the ride through Wisconsin to Illinois.

I hope to raise $9000 for NAMI. That's $1000 for each of the eight states I'll pass through (Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois), plus $1000 for my home state of Oregon.

I have created this fundraising page because NAMI, and the work they do, is very important to me. When my son was struck with mental illness at age 19, I did not know what to do or where to turn. I eventually found NAMI online. I began attending NAMI meetings near my home where others whose lives had been touched by mental illness provided understanding and practical advice.

Later, I completed the 12-week NAMI Family to Family class. There, I learned about the types of mental illnesses, obtained information about research on causes and treatments, studied some techniques for effective communication with those suffering from mental illness, and learned how to advocate for eliminating the stigma that historically has attached to mental illness.

I also learned that mental illness touches one in four families but many sufferers and their families never seek help because of fear of stigma or because they believe there is no help available.

Through its programs, NAMI is helping lift the veil of secrecy and mis-information that has shrouded mental illness. Today we are closer than at any point in human history to finding effective medications with minimal side effects and other treatments. NAMI is supporting this effort by advocating for more resources to be devoted to research and by publicizing the results.

Donating to NAMI through this page is easy, fast and secure.

Any amount will make a difference for NAMI, but please try to give generously.

Both NAMI and I appreciate your donation.

Thank you for your support.

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This page was created by Carole Atherton.

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Kathy Schreckengost

Way to go Carole!


Virginia Dougherty



Silvia and Tom de la Garza Bassett

Thanks for helping so much with Elena and David on their NAMI ride.


Roberta Moore

In honor of Carole and her son. A 2800 mile bike ride at 68 as a symbol of the strength it takes...


Howard Wall

Carole, Getting close to the ens of an epic journey. Congratulations Macy & Pat


Nel & Bill Fetherling

You're coming close to the end line. Congratulations on an incredible effort and a wonderful ad...


Mary Ross

Kudos to you Carole, leave it to a NAMIMOM! If you'd like a place to stay in MKE on arrival 7/28...


Mary Kroening

You continue to amaze and inspire me! mj


martha and emerson lacey



Whitney Sabin



Mary Kroening

You are an inspiration!


Peter Pope



Lisa Dennis

You are one of a kind, created by our heavenly Father, to do amazing things. Stay healthy and h...


Lisa Dennis

You are one of a kind, created by our heavenly Father, to do amazing things. Stay healthy and h...


Chris and Leo Rocca

Way to go ! Amazing doesn't begin to describe you.


Sheila Vassey



Kathie Keber

Carole - You are absolutely AMAZING!!





John Hyde

Carole, You have always been a very high achiever. Thus I am impressed but not surprised. Have a w...


Margery Knapp



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