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Making a Charitable Gift of Appreciated Stock to NAMI

A gift of appreciated stock, bonds, or mutual funds can provide a greater tax benefit to you than gifts of cash. See "How to Transfer a Gift of Stock to NAMI". 

For an illustration of the benefit, consider this example:


When Mrs. Riviera called NAMI last November she explained that the stock she owned had been purchased at $3.00 per share in 1989. The stock was now worth $150.00 per share and she made a gift of seven shares to NAMI. She was able to make this generous gift to the organization without incurring any capital gains tax. This year the stock experienced some losses and is now worth $125.00 per share, however, Mrs. Riviera still intends to give stock to NAMI this year. If she were to sell the stock and give a thousand-dollar gift to NAMI, she would need to sell ten shares and pay nearly $200 in capital gains taxes. Mrs. Riviera will avoid that tax and will only need to contribute eight shares of stock and will receive a charitable deduction for the full $1,000 gift to NAMI.

If your year-end giving involves gifts of securities, remember these gifts can save you taxes in two ways -- you receive a charitable deduction and you avoid the capital gains tax on the gift. And if your securities have depreciated (i.e. if the net value is less than what you paid for them originally) you can sell them and give the proceeds to NAMI. This allows you to claim the loss when you file your taxes next April and take the charitable deduction for the amount of your gift.

Please call NAMI’s development office at 1-800-999-6264, extension 7970 or email Jennifer Barton to discuss the simple process of donating other securities such as mutual funds or bonds, and to inquire about special gift strategies involving stock options or restricted stocks. And when you call, ask our development office about our Leadership Alliance Giving Club.

Also, please consider making a secure online donation to NAMI now with a major credit card.

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