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NAMI Policy Research Institute

The mission of the NAMI Policy Research Institute (NPRI) is to drive national, state, and local debates on reforms and investments in the nation’s mental illness delivery and financing system.

The Institute brings together policymakers, advocates and scientists through various forums to develop solutions and expand support for science-based, recession-proof treatment and recovery systems. The Institute operates public policy task forces involving consumers, family members, experts and researchers to study issues of complexity in mental health policy. In this regard, the Institute supports and strengthens the policymaking responsibilities of national board of directors.

As part of its mission, the Institute provides technical assistance to NAMI state organizations and local affiliates on pivotal issues such as access to medication, health insurance parity, children’s delivery issues and increased funding. NPRI works closely with state leaders to develop innovative policy and advocacy strategies and reaches out to other stakeholders to build consensus and coalitions that focus on public policy issues on which the mental health community can agree.

The Institute issues a wide variety of publications including policy bulletins, state alerts, fact sheets and federal legislative analyses.

State Action Alerts

State Policy Bulletin

  • Issue Number 01-02
    Strategies for Responding to Threats to Limit Access to Medications in Medicaid and Other Mental Health Financing Systems
  • Issue Number 02-02
    Prior Authorization, Supplemental Rebates and Medicaid
  • Issue Number 03-02
    A Political Primer on Assuring Access to Appropriate Medications
  • Issue Number 04-02
    In Harms Way:  The Immenent Financial Threat to Mental Health Care Services in Medicaid Programs

Fact Sheets

Policymaker's Toolkits

Position Papers

NPRI Task Force Reports

Conference Call Series for NAMI State Policy Advocates

Online Discussion

  • State Medicaid Forum
    Find support, share knowledge and ask questions on financing and delivery of mental illness services in Medicaid programs

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