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  January, 2013

  • Research at a Crossroads
  • Accomodations at Work
  • Benefits of Spirituality Affirmed
  • Latinos, Mental Health Care and the American Dream
  • Creativity and Mental Illness
  • From Shakespeare to Schizophrenia
  • The Sensible Use of Psychiatric Medications


  September, 2012

  • What's at Stake in the 2012 Elections?
  • Bears' Brandon Marshall Puts Experience with BPD to Good Use
  • Unlikely Allies in the Fight for Mental Health Services
  • Make a Connection, Spark a Champion
  • We Vote, We Count
  • Setting Expectations for Services and Supports in Your Community
  • Moving Forward
  • An Upfront Look at Bipolar Disorder
  • NAMI Rallies for Veterans
  May, 2012

  • Crazy and Proud
  • Georgia Program Aims to Break the Cycle of Recidivism
  • Rosalynn Carter: A Voice for Mental Health
  • NAMI Talks to Dr. Marsha Linehan
  • Sleep
  • Can Fish Oil Help Prevent Psychosis?
  • The Election Connection


  December, 2011

  • Finding Our Way Through Psychosis
  • Depression
  • Congressmen Honored at NAMI Research Award Event
  • NAMI Education and Support Programs
  • NAMI on Campus
  • New NAMI Report Reveals Continuing Funding Crisis in States
  September, 2011

  • NAMIWalks: Steps, Leaps and Bounds
  • Mental Illness in the Workplace
  • Only in Your Dreams: Revising Recurring Nightmares Can Help with PTSD Symptoms
  • Improving Cognition in Schizophrenia
  • Off to College and Living with Mental Illness?
  May, 2011

  • Joyce Burland
  • Complementing the Conventional: Supplementary Treatments and Mental Illness
  • Family-to-Family: Now an Evidence-Based Practice
  • NAMI Family-to-Family: Happy 20th Anniversary
  • Nationwide Budget Cuts to Mental Health Services Pose Major Threats
  February, 2011

  • Ruminating Spirit: Jodie Foster on Depression, Healing and the Human Condition
  • Challenges to Health Care Reform Law Will Continue in 2011
  • Genes and Mental Illness: Whatís the Connection?
  • Only More So: An Interview with Mark Vonnegut, M.D.
  • Three Gentle Steps: The What, When and How of Weight Loss
  • The Two Shall Meet: Eastern and Western Reach for Synergy in Mental Health Treatment
  • A Lifetime of Research: Robert Post, M.D., on Bipolar Disorder and the Future of Treatment
  • Creative Outlets and Recovery: Got to Find Me An Angel
  • CIGNA and NAMIWalks: Serving Communities Together
  • A Look at Black History Through the Lens of Mental Health


  October, 2010

  • What are They Thinking? Research, Diagnosis and Mental Illness
  • The New Federal Parity Law
  • It Doesnít End on Election Day Make Sure Mental Health Gets Your Vote
  • Politics and Stigma: Presidents, Governors and Legislators Are Not Immune
  • The Role of Service Animals in Recovery
  • Athletes and Mental Illness: Major League Baseball Steps Up to the Plate
  May, 2010

  • Actress Glenn Close Advocates for Change
  • A Scalpel or a Meat Ax?
  • NAMI to Honor Minds on the Edge and Vermont Public Television
  • What Does the New Health Care Reform Law Mean for You?
  • NAMI Hearts & Minds: Steps Towards Wellness
  • Singing in the Dark, Bringing Depression to Light
  March, 2010

  • House Calls
  • NAMI's Top Priorities in Health Care Reform
  • This Flu Season, Practice Prevention
  • 2009 NAMI Depression Survey
  • The Complicated Nature of Loss
  • Altering the Course of Schizophrenia
  • Adult Care Home Decision Sparks Hope, Debate
  • Advocacy 2010


  September, 2009

  • NAMI Honors Nathaniel Ayers
  • Double Tragedies
  • Stella March: Chief StigmaBuster
  • Special Needs Trust: What you need to know
  • NAMI Launches Year-Long PBS Education, Advocacy Campaign with Minds on the Edge
  • NAMIís 2009 National Convention in Pictures
  • Faith and Mental Illness at the 2009 Convention
  • The Evolution and Revolution of Dialectical Behavior Therapy
  May, 2009

  • When You Get a Chance to Ride the Train Ö
  • The New Mental Health Care Agenda in a New Administration
  • Mental Health Parity: Frequently Asked Questions
  • NAMIWalks Annual Report
  • Grading the States 2009 ó Glass Half Full or Glass Half Empty?
  • Unmasking Mental IllnessóNAMIís Fourth Annual Research Gala
  • Sharing Hope: Understanding Mental Health
  • Election 2009: Voting in NAMI Elections


  October, 2008

  • Jane Pauley: On Science and Stigma
  • The NAMI Vote in 2008
  • NAMIís Grading the States Report Now Underway
  • NAMI Board Adopts Policy on Less Lethal Weapons
  • Letter to NAMI: Past Achievements, Future Challenges
  • Jimmy Piersall - When Stigma Struck Out
  • Self-directed care
  August, 2008

  • Schizophrenia: A Reality Check
  • Voice Awards: Fighting Stigma, Hollywood Style
  • Congress Halts Medicaid Regulations That Would Have Endangered Critical Mental Illness Services
  • NAMI Connection Celebrates First Anniversary
  • Grading the States: NAMIís Continuing Report on State Public Mental Health Services
  • ďAsk the DoctorĒ with Dr. Gary Sachs: An Excerpt
  April, 2008

  • NAMI Medical Director To Discuss Depression on PBS
  • NAMI President Discusses Lobotomy, Medical Advancement
  • Election 2008: Voting in NAMI Elections
  • Amendments to the Bylaws
  • Parents and Teachers as Allies Program Thrives
  • Advocacy Toolkit for Children's Mental Health is Launched
  • Unmasking Mental Illness: NAMI's Third Annual Research Gala


  November, 2007

  • Make NAMI's Voice Heard in Election 2008
  • Election 2008: The Big Picture
  • NAMI Takes Action in U.S. Supreme Court
  • Consumers Find Support at the NAMI Convention's Welcome Center
  • NAMI Welcomes New National Board Members and Officers
  • Personalized Medicine: Future Hope for People Living with Mental Illness
  June, 2007

  • Diabetes: Winning the Battle
  • NAMI Releases New Factsheets on the Uninsured and the Costs of Mental Illnesses
  • NIMH Study of Schizophrenia Drugs Requires "New Thinking" in Research, Not Restrictions Based on Cost
  • Schizophrenia Drug Studies: One Size Does Not Fit All; Community Services also Needed
  • Genetic Brain Research Receives a $100 Million Gift
  • NAMI "Hearts and Minds" Program Now Online
  • NAMIWalks 2006 Annual Report
  • Latest NIMH Study on Bipolar Disorder
Cover image February, 2007

  • National Anti-Stigma Campaign is Launched
  • Evidence-base for Family-to-Family and Peer-to-Peer
  • Grading the States: Moving Forward
  • STAR*D Study: Latest Results
  • Borderline Personality Disorder


  November, 2006

  • From Discovery to Translation: New Directions in Research
  • Support for NAMI's HelpLine Provides Information and Care to the Nation
  • StigmaBusting: Hollywood Looks at Bipolar Disorder
  • NAMI's Action Plan to Address Disparities in Treatment
  • On the Making of Canvas
  July, 2006

  • Six Strategies to Get Maximum Effect from NAMI's Grading the States Report
  • TV Humor and Mental Illness
  • The Consumer and Family Test Drive
  • Counting the Costs of Depression
  • Grading the States Report: An Overview
  • What We Really Can Learn from the CATIE Trial
  March, 2006

  • Meeting the Mental Health Care Needs of American Indian and Alaskan Native Communities
  • NAMI Walks across America
  • NAMI Montana's Peer-to-Peer in Action
  • A Slice of Mental Health Advocacy in Russia
  • NAMI Establishes CIT Technical Assistance Resource Center


  December, 2005

  • "Unmasking Mental Illness": NAMI's First Annual Research Gala
  • Rethinking Schizophrenia Treatments
  • Coping and Recovery after Katrina and Rita: Lessons from Disaster Psychiatry
  • Building a Safety Net in the Community: A Provider-Based Model for Crisis Intervention Training
  • New Medicare Drug Benefit Coming January 1, 2006
  August, 2005

  • New Dietary Guidelines Can Help with Healthier Eating
  • "In Our Own Voice" Presentations Benefit Both Speaker and Audience at Connecticut Treatment Center
  • Ask the Doctor: Some Common Questions and Answers
  • NAMIís Center for Leadership Development: Preparing NAMI Leaders for the Next 25 Years
  • First National CIT Conference A Success
  April, 2005

  • Mental Health Screening Under Attack
  • Housing: Consumers Need a Broad Range of Options to Meet Their Needs
  • Chinese-American Mental Health Outreach in New Jersey
  • The Transition Begins: The Unfolding of the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit
  • NAMI's Peer-to-Peer Course Set to Expand
  February, 2005

  • NAMI at Its 25th Anniversary: Accomplishments and Challenges
  • Decriminalizing Mental Illness
  • Overcoming Barriers to Employment
  • Ask the Doctor: Atypical Antipsychotics and Diabetes: Putting the Risk into Perspective
  • A Brave New World: The Coming Reorganization of State Mental Health Services


  October, 2004

  • NAMI on Campus: A Unique Opportunity for Students to Educate Peers, Reduce Stigma, and Raise Awareness
  • Managing Stress on Campus: Some Strategies for Students Living with Mental Illnesses
  • Suicide Prevention in Colleges and Universities
  • Supported Education: New Opportunities for People Living with Mental Illnesses
  • Beyond the Ballot Box: Post-Election Strategies for Advocates
  July, 2004

  • Elections 2004: Get Ready, Get Set...the Stakes Are High
  • Community Reentry from Prison: Opportunities and Challenges
  • Managing Pregnancy and Bipolar Disorder
  • What Makes a Leader?: Choosing NAMI's Future Board Members
  • Driving the Debate on Mental Illness
  March, 2004

  • NAMI Grassroots
  • Partners in Political Change: How to be a Grassroots Player? Vote
  • The Time Is Now: State Budgets, Medicaid, and the 2004 Legislative Sessions
  • NAMI's Campaign for the Mind of America: New Partners, New Research
  • Presidential Politics and Mental Health Policy


  September, 2003

  • The Start of a Real Revolution: Genetics and Psychiatric Illness
  • Reform and Revolution: President Bush’s New Freedom Commission
  • ADA Failing To Live up to Its Promise for People with Mental Illness
  • AT&T Wireless: A Commendation For Karen
  • Achieving Employment: A Lifelong Journey
  • Working for a Better Tomorrow
  June, 2003

  • The Challenging Future: An Obstacle Course for Young Adults
  • "We suffered many losses over the years, but we never lost our resolve"
  • VA Works to Increase Consumer and Advocate Involvment in Mental Health Programs
  • The VA and Research - $52.9 Million
  • The Department of Veteran Affairs
  • NAMI sponsors Workshops for VA
  • Counseling Study Paints Picture of Heavier College Woes; More Students Seen with Depression, Suicidal Thoughts
  • College, Kids, and Meds: A Reflection on Coming of Age
  April, 2003

  • Locked Out of Housing
  • Bridging the Gap Between African Americans and the Mental Health System
  • NAMI Policy Debate
  • In Harm's Way
  • Disability Discrimination in the Housing Application and Screening Process
  • A "How-to" of Housing
  • Locked Out of Housing
  • Bridging the Gap Between African Americans and the Mental Health System


  November, 2002

  • Top Story
  • Crisis, Change & Opportunity in the States
  • A Mind and a Body: Another Dimension of Recovery
  • Criminal Justice/Mental Health Consensus Report
  • NAMI's 25th Anniversary - Many Beautiful Minds - Endowment Campaign
  • Seeking Shelter: NAMI Rallies for Parity
  • Mike Hogan, Chair of Mental Health Commission, Holds Forum at NAMI Convention
  • Book Reviews