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Following limited theater release in the fall, the movie CANVAS is now available from ScreenMedia and or retail outlets. It includes an insert that lists NAMI and other supporting organizations as resources for education and support.

Actor Joe Pantoliano was featured on the NBC Nightly News speaking about mental illness and the film. Organizations interested in holding public screenings should contact Tom Yagielski at ScreenMedia: and 212-308-1790. A public screening fee of $700 includes 100 copies of the DVD that can be donated to local libraries to help provide public education about mental illness or used in fundraising activities.

In 2007, CANVAS received NAMI’s Outstanding Media Award for a Dramatic Motion Picture. It was written and directed by Joseph Greco, a NAMI member, inspired by his family’s story and his mother’s struggle with schizophrenia. It is authentic in its portrayal, heartbreaking and heartwarming, with touches of humor and message of hope that both educates and entertains.