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Request a Placement

NAMI has paid for a distribution to 350 TV stations and 500 cable stations across the country. This Receiving List of stations is viewable online at

In addition to contacting the stations in your NAMI Affiliate area who have received the TV PSA to encourage attention to the request, NAMI Affiliate leaders may want to request TV PSAs for a supplemental distribution.

Orders for the 2012 NAMI "Monuments" TV PSA can be placed exclusively with Katrina Gay, Director of Communications at

Extra quantities of the PSA are limited and available upon request. If your NAMI Affiliate would like to request a placement of the PSA to send to local stations please send Katrina Gay the name of the TV station and contact information of the PSA Director, with confirmation of interest from the station.

Resources for NAMI State Organization and NAMI Affiliate Leaders

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