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Interfaith Spiritual Support in Seattle’s House of Healing
Craig Rennebohm of the Seattle Mental Health Chaplaincy offers a glimpse into life at the Plymouth House of Healing, where homeless individuals with mental illness can live in a supportive, interfaith community as they begin their recovery.

Strong in all the Broken Places: Congregations Caring for our Veterans
What thought-provoking irony there is in the phrase “strong in all the broken places” penned by Ernest Hemmingway in A Farewell to Arms. We all have broken places in our lives, but many veteran families have special challenges to healing.

NAMI FaithNet Newsletter: October 2009
In this issue: Reaching Multicultural Faith Communities during Mental Illness Awareness Week (MIAW) Oct. 4-10, National Day of Prayer Oct. 6, National Depression Screening Day Oct. 8, A Doctor for Disease, a Shaman for the Soul, A Hell of Mercy: A Meditation on Depression and the Dark Night of the Soul by Tim Farrington (Harper One, 2009).

Regional Texas Mental Health Agency Develops Faith-Based Model
Pillars of Healing is a model program that incorporates mental health, physical health and spirituality

Integrating Spirituality and Mental Health: NAMI FaithNet Offerings at NAMI Convention
The intersection of spirituality with mental health education, awareness and recovery—that’s what the NAMI FaithNet networking session, workshop and NAMI FaithNet exhibit booth at the San Francisco NAMI National Convention will help you explore.

Faith Community Advocacy in Virginia
How important it is to have "all hands around the table" when it comes to dealing with mental illness! Sometimes, the faith community gets left out of the group of advocates working on behalf of persons living with mental illness. Yet, the faith community is a valuable resource for education, support and advocacy.

NAMI FaithNet Newsletter: February 2009
In this issue: SAMHSA faith resources, A plea from within the Jewish community, Oases of Peace, Partnering Faith Communities and Public Health, When a Friend Commits Suicide

NAMI FaithNet Newsletter: January 2009
In this issue: Alone Among Us, Incorporating Faith and Spirituality in Treatment, and Sharing Stories, Dispelling Stigma.

The Gift of Companionship
Companionship is a way of acting on our concern for a neighbor, for a loved one who is ill. Read about Craig's experience and gift of companionship.

NAMI FaithNet Newsletter: December 2008
In this issue: A comic with depression reaches out, Ruth Graham raises her voice about depression, Church acknowledges depression through "Blue Christmas", Lehigh County conference of churches, Faith-based center cares for the uninsured, and Researching "higher power" relationships

The Holiday Season: Finding Light in the Darkness
We are entering into a festive season. The winter holidays are meant to be times of joy, parties and gatherings with friends and families. But for many people this is a lonely stretch of the year marked by hard memories and unrealized dreams.

NAMI FaithNet Newsletter: November 2008
In this issue: Veterans Day and PTSD ads from Mental Health Ministries, Using the Spirit to Heal the Mind, Spiritual Care as Important as Physical Care, Faith is Rewarded

Welcoming and Supportive Churches
A new regular column from NAMI FaithNet, a network composed of members and friends of NAMI who perform outreach to religious communities.

NAMI FaithNet Newsletter: October 2008
In this issue: Giving Second Chances, Access granted, VA Homeless Program Grants, Restoration Blue, the Zen of Healing, and more!

NAMI FaithNet: Hikers, Blueberries & Red Arrows
A new regular column from NAMI FaithNet, a network composed of members and friends of NAMI who perform outreach to religious communities.

FaithNet Newsletter: September 2008
In this issue: Craig Rennebohm on "Grace Matters", Teaming up to Bridge Differences in New York, New SAMHSA Toolkit Released, National Day of Prayer for Mental Illness Recovery and Understanding.

NAMI FaithNet Newsletter: August 2008
In this issue: Friday Church, Schizophrenia Digest and "The Power of Higher Powers", Young Muslims reach out in the "30-30 Club", Additional resources from NAMI Indianapolis, and Urging churches to reach out to disabled.

NAMI FaithNet Newsletter: July 2008
In this issue: National Tribute, July 4: Stand with NAMI, Support Our Veterans, African American Faith-Based Education Initiative, Creating Caring Congregations, Breaking the Silence in Faith-Based Schools, Duke University Offers Summer Research Workshops, Erase the Stigma Conference at National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows

NAMI FaithNet Newsletter: June 2008
In this issue: NAMI FaithNet at 2008 Convention, Recovery Cafe: Spiritual Nourishment in Seattle, Duke University Offers Summer Research Workshops, Erase the Stigma Conference at National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows, and A Father's Day Gift with Meaning: NAMI's Father's Day Tribute

NAMI FaithNet Newsletter: May 2, 2008
In this issue: NAMI's 2008 National Convention, Depression Documentary, Public Access TV Show, FaithCEP Conference, Mother's Day Tribute, and more.


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