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2005 Highlights

2005 Convention Presentations

For the first time this year, we are making available the PowerPoint slide presentations used by speakers at the NAMI Convention. Click the links below to download the presentations to your computer. Note that some of the presentations may be quite large, and that you will need Microsoft PowerPoint on your computer to view them. Also, note that not all presentations from the convention are available below.

Related Files

Opening Plenary - King Davis (144kb) (PowerPoint)
Opening Plenary - Eduardo Sanchez (5.3MB) (PowerPoint)
Family-to-Family Institute - Honberg (176kb) (PowerPoint)
LI - IDEA and Young Family Policies - Abderholden (52kb) (PowerPoint)
LI - IDEA and Young Family Policies - Gruttadaro (88kb) (PowerPoint)
Policy Briefing: Housing - Sperling, et. al. (60kb) (PowerPoint)
Annapolis Coalition Workforce Program - Huey (100kb) (PowerPoint)
Policy Briefing: Medicare Drug Benefit - Sperling (128kb) (PowerPoint)
Federal Legislative Briefing - NAMI Policy Staff (88kb) (PowerPoint)
Child & Adolescent Program Track - Shaw (396kb) (PowerPoint)
Child & Adolescent Program Track - Martinez (280kb) (PowerPoint)
Child & Adolescent Program Track - Trupin (332kb) (PowerPoint)
Criminal Justice Program Track - Shannon, et. al. (6.4MB) (PowerPoint)
Medicaid Reform Program Track - Ku (212kb) (PowerPoint)
Medicaid Reform Program Track - Abderholden (576kb) (PowerPoint)
Medicaid Reform Program Track - Butler (60kb) (PowerPoint)
Medicaid Reform Program Track - Lovelace (112kb) (PowerPoint)
Evidence-based Practices Program Track - Gibson (324kb) (PowerPoint)
Evidence-based Practices Program Track - Luce (124kb) (PowerPoint)
Evidence-based Practices Program Track - Helfand (860kb) (PowerPoint)
Evidence-based Practices Program Track - Parks (11.4MB) (PowerPoint)
Faith and Spirituality in Communities of Color - Thompson (1.9MB) (PowerPoint)
National Efforts to Address Stigma & Discrimination - Marshall (2.1MB) (PowerPoint)
National Efforts to Address Stigma & Discrimination - Troust (912kb) (PowerPoint)
National Efforts to Address Stigma & Discrimination - Leiter (2.1MB) (PowerPoint)
Understanding PTSD - LaFountain & White (760kb) (PowerPoint)
Mental Health Education in a Rural Setting - Perez (5.2MB) (PowerPoint)
Self-Help: The Role of Professionals - Whitten & Black (140kb) (PowerPoint)
Getting Help for Those in Crisis - Edelman (88kb) (PowerPoint)
Research Plenary/Ask-the-Doctor: Depression - Emslie (192kb) (PowerPoint)
Ask-the-Doctor: ADD/ADHD - Fisher (88kb) (PowerPoint)
Cognitive Enhancement Therapy (CET) - Gonzalez & Flesher (936kb) (PowerPoint)
NAMI Texas Visions for Tomorrow - Hall (41kb) (PowerPoint)
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