Mental Illnesses

Recovery for All: May 2010


Young Adult Social Networking Site Launched 

Last month NAMI was proud to launch StrengthofUs, a free online community that seeks to help young adults, ages 18-25, provide mutual support in navigating mental health challenges, as well as opportunities during critical transition years.

StrengthofUs is a space for young adults to creatively share real-world experiences, connect with their peers and offer support, encouragement and resources. It is a user-generated and user-driven community where everything has been developed and created by and for young adults. (more)

New National Latino Consumer Network Welcomes Participants

Recognizing the crucial role individuals in recovery play in transforming America’s mental health systems and the urgent need to improve access and quality of care for Latinos, the National Latino Behavioral Health Association (NLBHA) and Tenemos Voz New Mexico have joined forces to create the Tenemos Voz National Latino Consumer Network.

Tenemos Voz, which translates to “we have a voice”, is an all-inclusive network of empowered Latinos that promotes the holistic principles of health and wellness in recovery through equal access to quality treatment. (more)

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2010 NAMI Annual Convention, Recovery and Reform: The Road from Here.

We invite you to join us for the 2010 NAMI Annual Convention on June 30 – July 3, 2010 in Washington, D.C. The Multicultural Action Center is pleased to share this year’s program offerings that provide culturally-inclusive information and multicultural perspectives of interest to NAMI’s diverse membership and partners. Click here to view a list of these offerings.

The full menu of events and sessions includes topics such as healthcare reform, housing, employment and education. Participants will also have the opportunity for face-to-face meetings with U.S. Congressional representatives.  Visit the 2010 NAMI Annual Convention Web site for complete details, including full schedule information and registration. 

Sharing Hope: Updated Materials and New Implementation Grant Sites

In February, we shared with you that the NAMI Sharing Hope: Understanding Mental Health initiative is continuing to flourish. Now we are happy to announce that the Sharing Hope materials have been updated and we have begun working with four new grant sites.

The 2010 revised edition of the Sharing Hope toolkit, now available to NAMI state organizations and local affiliates, includes even more detailed information and tools to assist coordinators and presentation facilitators in successfully engaging congregations. (more)

StigmaBuster Charleta B. Tavares, Columbus (Ohio) City Council Member.Image

This story originally appeared in the NAMI Ohio April 2010 StigmaBuster e-publication. It is being re-run with permission from NAMI Ohio.

November 1994 "was the best of times, it was the worst of times" for Charleta Tavares.  She had just been elected to become the first African American female to serve in the Ohio House of Representatives from Franklin County.  She had just touched down in Arizona for a much needed vacation after the strenuous campaign, when she received a phone call that turned everything upside down.  Charleta's younger brother Jeff had just taken his life.  He was 37 years old. (more)

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New Resources.

National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month Resources

Promotional posters in English and Spanish and a recording of the informational planning webinar on media outreach strategies have been added to the available resources to help you start planning for National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month, July 2010. Visit the NAMI Web site for more information and resources. Start planning now!

¡Avanzamos!, NAMI’s Bilingual Magazine

The next issue of NAMI’s popular, fully bilingual publication, ¡Avanzamos!, will be out soon. This new issue focuses on concepts of recovery, peer-networking and culture-based recovery supports. Contributors represent the Tenemos Voz National Latino Consumer Network, the National Latino/a Psychological Association and the NAMI STAR Center.

Visit the NAMI Web site to subscribe to this publication in electronic format via e-mail, to receive the print version via standard mail and to access previous issues of ¡Avanzamos! in the web archive.

Planning Guide to Prevent Suicide in American Indian/Alaskan Native Communities

“To Live to See the Great Day that Dawns: Preventing Suicide by American Indian and Alaska Native Youth and Young Adults” was developed by Kauffman & Associates, Inc. to support AI/AN communities and those who serve them in developing effective, culturally appropriate suicide prevention plans. 

Click here to view the guide, made available through the SPRC AI/AN Resources Library. 

Webinar on Patient-Provider Communication

An archive of the April 16, 2010 webinar, "New Joint Commission Standards to Improve Patient-Provider Communication," hosted by DiversityRx, is now available. This webinar presentation focused on how the new and revised accreditation standards can inspire hospitals to improve the quality and safety of care to all patients.

Visit the DiversityRx Webinar archive to access a video recording of the webinar and download presentation materials.

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Upcoming Events.

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