A Family Guide: What Families Should Know About Adolescent Depression

June 17, 2005

Adolescence is a time of many changes and challenges. Developing bodies and social and academic stresses make for a difficult period for many teens. Yet most teens get through these years with only short-term feelings of sadness or irritability. While people sometimes use the word “depressed” to describe how they feel, there is also a psychiatric disorder known as “clinical depression” or “major depression.”  To learn more about adolescent depression and treatment options download the Family Guide below.

If you wish to recieve hard copies of the Adolescent Depression Family Guide please contact Dana Crudo at or 703.600.1117. The guides themselves are free but there are shipping and handlings costs if more than nine copies are ordered.

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A Family Guide: Adolescent Depression and Treatment Options (227 KB) (PDF File)
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