Better Todays, Better Tomorrows (Formerly Red Flags) - Developed by NAMI Idaho

Better Todays, Better Tomorrows began in 2000 as Red Flags Idaho. The project educates gatekeepers and caregivers on the signs and symptoms of mental disorders in children and youth. Red Flags, from 2000 to 2001, focused on adolescent depression, but the program has grown to include all disorders, suicide prevention, youth trauma, and Idaho’s emerging Systems of Care for children’s mental health. Better Todays, Better Tomorrows encourages early intervention and treatment for children and youth by 1) raising awareness of disorders to encourage early intervention; 2) lifting stigma about mental disorders as a barrier to treatment; and 3) encouraging early and effective treatment-seeking behavior. For more information or to request a presentation, visit the NAMI Idaho website or contact the organization.

Web Address:
Contact: Better Todays, Better Tomorrows at 1.866.572.9940 or email

To see if this program is offered near you, contact your local and state NAMI affiliates.

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