CIT in Action

CIT in Action: May 2014
NAMI Calls for Nationwide Expansion of CIT, The CIT Movement: Being More Like MADD, Rochester Program Helps Individuals Stay Out of the Justice System, Connecticut Helps Probationers with Mental Illness Succeed and more!

CIT in Action: February 2014
What to Say When you Have to Call 911, Help for Veterans Involved in the Justice System, NAMI Affiliates Play a Key Role in CIT Programs, and much more!

CIT in Action: October 2013
Special 25th Anniversary Edition

CIT in Action - August 2013
New re-entry guide to help prisoners with mental illness; Ask a Cop column on what to do if a non-CIT officer comes to your home in a crisis; working with probation officers and much more!

CIT in Action: June 2013
School resource officers, gun control and mental health, recovery in the justice system and more!

CIT in Action: March 2013
Ask a Cop, A Son in the Forensic Psychiatric Hospital, A Cop's Story of Courage and Hope, After Arrest: Understanding the Courts, and more!

CIT in Action: December 2012
In this issue: The Jericho Project, Avoiding Arrest During a Mental Health Crisis, Solitary Confinement Reform, Mental Health on the Bench and much more!

CIT in Action: August 2012
In this issue: Helping Individuals and Families Iinvolved in the Justice system, The CIT Program: More than Training, More than a Specialized Police Responses, NAMI Peer-to-Peer: A Resource for Mental Health Courts and more!

CIT in Action May 2012
In this issue: Unlikely partners in the fight for mental health services, Forensic assertive community treatment, A first responder on experiencing mental illness, Veterans treatment courts and more!

CIT in Action: February 2012
In this issue: CIT and Veterans: An officer's perspective, Hospital safety officers, Rural CIT and more!

CIT in Action: November 2011
In this issue: CIT curriculum model in development, CIT programs collaborating with academic researchers, CIT frequently asked questions and more!

CIT in Action - June 2011
In this issue: A sneak peek of NAMI's new CIT for Youth implementation manual, a training officer's perspective on CIT, a recent Supreme Court decision on prison conditions in California and more!

CIT in Action - March 2011
The role of CIT in preventing violent tragedies, Law Enforcement/Mental Health Learning Sites, a new report on budget cuts, and more...

CIT in Action: November 2010
In this issue: Healthcare reform and people involved with the criminal justice system, new fact sheets, and much more!

CIT in Action: August 2010
In this issue: Special coverage of NAMI's 2010 Convention!

CIT in Action - June 2010
In this issue: New Report Shows People Living with Severe Mental Illness More Likely to Be Imprisoned than Hospitalized; A Focus Group Report: A Conversation with CIT-trained School Resource Officers; and much more!

CIT In Action April 2010
In this issue: New Study Validates Effectiveness of CIT, State Budget Cuts are NAMIís Top Priority in 2010, and more...

CIT in Action: February 2010
In this issue: Housing First, New Veterans CIT Program in Chicago, Updates on the CIT International Conference and more!

CIT in Action: November 2009
In this issue: NAMI California Bridging Communication between Prisons and Mental Health Advocates; Advocacy Spotlight and News & Announcements.

CIT in Action: September 2009
In this issue: COPS Office Resources Emphasize Community Partnerships, New Fundraising Toolkit, News and Announcements.


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