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New end-user data collection:  Teachers will now report “numbers data” directly to NAMI as well as to their Program Directors

Our education programs are gathering only about 40% of numerical data from classes in the field, while our strategic plan asks for complete data every quarter to determine if we are meeting our target program goals.  Having “the numbers” means we can  track annual program growth, compare program progress among states, brag to our funders and  better solve emerging program problems  We have devised a short electronic survey for F2F and Basics teachers, along with P2P mentors, to fill out at the  end of each class.  They will access the survey through a special link, enabling them to record class numbers immediately and return them directly to the Education Center.  In turn, every quarter we will send the numbers we have collected, by state, back to our NAMI State Organization and NAMI Affiliate program directors for their records.

In our pilot sites where we tried this on for size, teachers tell us that doing the survey is a breeze and takes practically no time to complete.  The survey identifies the teacher, class location, number starting and finishing, number of men and women, and observed data on the ethnic composition of the class.

PLEASE NOTE:   Even though NAMI is now harvesting numbers electronically , teachers and mentors  will still send their written class data pages, and evaluations, back to state program directors.

Basics and Peer-to-Peer evaluations will also still be sent to Teri Brister ( and Sarah O’Brien ( as their programs are relatively new, or newly revised.
To get teachers/mentors ready for this change, we need to be sure every current teacher/mentor has the proper link for reporting. We have asked the state program directors to send us a list of the current teacher’s/mentor’s names and emails for Family-to-Family, Basics and Peer-to-Peer. It has long been our goal to put this list together so that every teacher and mentor will get our Education Center newsletter and hear about the new tools we have to help them in the field.  If you are an active teacher/mentor, contact your state program director to make sure you are on the list! 

If you are teaching a fall class, the system is up and running so you should use the following link to post your class data.  AND, keep the link handy for your next class!

To report Family to Family Class data, follow this link:

To report NAMI Basics class data, follow this link:

To report Peer to Peer class data, follow this link:

For those of you managing the Connection program, you already know the support group data has historically been reported from the facilitators directly to National.  Connection has also launched the new Constant Contact Survey and has joined Family-to-Family, Basics and Peer-to-Peer in using this new system nationwide.  Facilitators can now report their data by following this link: 

For those of you reporting on In Our Own Voice activities, please continue to use the current online system until further notice.


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