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Celebrating NAMIWalks’ 10th Anniversary!

As NAMIWalks celebrates our 10th Anniversary in 2012, we are proud to be the largest and most successful mental illness awareness event in America. Through NAMIWalks’ public, active display of support for people affected by mental illness, we are changing our American communities and ensuring that help and hope are available for those in need.

In 2011, 84 walks NAMIWalks engaged over 135,000 supporters and raised $9 million. The funds raised were used to provide free educational and support programs for individuals and families impacted by mental illness, support advocacy efforts and underwrite new programs and services to meet growing demand. Over 450 NAMIWalks events have raised more than $50 million and hosted over 650,000 participants in our 9 year history.

As we celebrate our 10th Anniversary this year, NAMIWalks is proud of the progress that has been made to improve the lives of those affected by mental illness. With NAMIWalks, we are truly changing minds one step at a time.

Warren Karmol
NAMIWalk, Program Director

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