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NAMIWalks 2012 Manual

This Manual and other NAMIWalks materials are for use by officially sanctioned NAMIWalks ONLY. Any unauthorized use of NAMIWalks trademarked materials is strictly prohibited. Do not post this Manual on an unsecured website.

The Manual's individual sections are available for download below.

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2012 Manual Table of Contents (PDF File)
2012 Manual Terminology (PDF File)
Section 1: Your NAMIWALKS Program (PDF File)
Section 2: NAMIWALKS Timeline (PDF File)
Section 3: Your WALK Leadership Team (PDF File)
Section 4: WALK Site/Location (PDF File)
Section 5: Volunteer Information Meeting (PDF File)
Section 6: Sponsors (PDF File)
Section 7: Kick-Off Luncheon (PDF File)
Section 8: WALK Team Building (PDF File)
Section 9: Walker Fundraising (PDF File)
Section 10: NAMIWALKS Website (PDF File)
Section 11: WALK Day (PDF File)
Section 12: NAMIWALKS Finances (PDF File)
Section 13: Revenue Sharing (PDF File)
Section 14: Post-WALK Awards Reception (PDF File)
2012 Affiliate Revenue Share Agreement (Word Document)
2012 NAMIWalks Franchise Agreement (PDF File)
2012 Application for Certificate of Liability Insurance (PDF File)
2012 Incident Report (PDF File)
2012 Final Accounting Form 10% (Excel File)
2012 Final Accounting Form 15% (Excel File)
2012 Final Accounting Form 20% (Excel File)