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NAMI’s Sharing Hope program continues to grow


Over 70 sites around the country have received the materials to start a local Sharing Hope: Understanding Mental Health initiative. 

Contact us to find out if Sharing Hope is in your area.

2011 Grantees
Start-up sites: NAMI Augusta (Ga.); NAMI Austin; NAMI Louisville (Ky.); NAMI Metropolitan Houston; NAMI Hampton-Newport News; NAMI North Carolina; NAMI Urban Greater Cincinnatti Network on Mental Illness; NAMI Utah; NAMI Washington, D.C.

Sustainability sites: NAMI Alabama; NAMI Connecticut; NAMI Lexington (Ky.); NAMI Minnesota; NAMI Ruston (La.)

2010 Grantees
NAMI Central Virginia; NAMI Connecticut; NAMI Lexington (Ky.); NAMI Oklahoma; NAMI Southeastern Arizona

2009 Grantees 
NAMI Alabama; NAMI Howard County (Md.); NAMI Jacksonville (Fla.); NAMI Louisiana/ NAMI Ruston; NAMI Nebraska; NAMI Southern Sector Dallas; NAMI Tennessee; NAMI Western Massachusetts

2008 Pilot Sites 
NAMI Georgia; NAMI Mercer (N.J.); NAMI Minnesota 

Recovery for All
December 2011

Multicultural Action Center Highlights of 2011

Sharing Hope: Understanding Mental Health program materials, revised most recently last February, have been distributed to more than 70 NAMI State Organizations and NAMI Affiliates across the country to date. This year the Multicultural Action Center was able to provide funding to a total of 13 grant sites to support implementation of Sharing Hope throughout the United States. Current grant sites are categorized as 'start-up sites' (locations of first grant-funded implementation of the program) and 'sustainability sites' (sites enjoying a second-term of funding offered for the first time this year through our mini-grants program.)

We have witnessed the success of Sharing Hope and its ability to bring NAMI’s message to many people among African-American congregations who can benefit from our partnership. Reported data shows that out of the 200+ participants of Sharing Hope grantees’ presentations since April, 98 percent found the program useful in terms of education around mental health issues and 97 percent would recommend the program to others.

What more can be said than what has been expressed in the many aritcles already published regarding this program? For quick access, click the following selected titles:

Sharing Hope materials are available to any interested NAMI State Organization or NAMI Affiliate for free. For more information visit the Sharing Hope webpage.

Sneak peak at 2012: Next year we will expand our reach by further improving this program and by developing and piloting a new version of this program targeting Latino communities (in both English and Spanish).


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