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Mind of America Foundation Advisory Council:

Ms. Betsy Applebaum

Mr. Tom Rohlen

Dr. Susan Blumenthal

Mr. Arthur Rosenthal

Mr. Bob Boorstin

Mr. & Mrs. Arnold and Louise Sagalyn

Ms. Patricia Warburg Cliff, J.D.

Dr. Edward Scolnick

Ms. Deborah Dingell

Dr. Edward R. Shapiro

Mr. Monroe Firestone

Ms. Elizabeth W. Smith

Dr. Ron Kessler

Mr. Talbott C. Smith

Mr. Keith Lord & Ms. Elizabeth Menke

Ms. Emily Soell

Ms. Ann Pincus

Ms. Elaine Wolfensohn

Mind of America Foundation Board of Directors and Staff:

Board of Directors:

Ms. Betsy Smith

Ms. Margaret Stout

Mr. James Dailey


Mr. Michael Fitzpatrick
Executive Director

Ms. Katrina Gay
Chief of Field Operations


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