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I.Preliminary Statement

II.Interests of the Amici


    1.Jails Have Become the Primary Health Care Provider for Persons With Mental Illness in the United States.
    2.Mental Illnesses Can Be Successfully Treated.
    3.Discharge Planning Is an Essential Component of Mental Health Treatment.
    4.Without Effective Discharge Planning, Inmates with Mental Illnesses Will Be Unlikely to Receive Continued Treatment.
    5.The Failure to Provide Discharge Treatment Can Result in Severe Consequences.
    6.Defendants Are Able to Provide Adequate Discharge Planning to Inmates with Mental Illnesses.
    7.Accepted Professional Standards of Mental Health Care Require That Adequate Discharge Planning Be Provided to Released Inmates.
      a.Professional Standards Developed Specifically in the Jail Context Require that Discharge Planning be Provided to Inmates with Mental Illnesses.
        1.Standards of the American Psychiatric Association.
        2.Standards of the American Association for Correctional Psychology.
        3.Standards of the National Commission on Correctional Health Care.
        4.Standards of the American Public Health Association.
        5.Standards of the American Association of Community Psychiatrists.

      b.Professional Standards Applicable to Psychiatry Generally.

IV. Conclusion


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