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September 9, 2004: Advocacy and Public Policy

Sen. Pete Dominici addresses NAMI's Legislative Plenary


Senator Pete Dominici of New Mexico addresses attendees at the Legislative Plenary on insurance parity legislation.
Carol Carothers (right) of NAMI Maine receives the Richard T. Greer Advocacy Award for her outstanding advocacy work in her state. She has forged strong alliances with law enforcement, educators, and the clergy, among others, to bring about significant imporvements on a broad front in the state of Maine. She is pictured with Betsy Greer of Arlington, VA, who presented the award.

 Betsy Greer and Carol Carothers




Attendees board buses in front of the Washington Hilton to go meet with their congressional representatives on Capitol Hill.
Two convention participants take time out in the Consumer Welcome Center. Attendees at NAMI Welcome Center
Fitzpatrick at opening plenary NAMI Executive Director Mike Fitzpatrick announces at the Opening Plenary that the Smith Bill for youth depression and suicide just passed in Congress...
...and convention attendees respond enthusiastically. attendees at plenary
George Stephanopoulos at 2004 NAMI Convention George Stephanopoulos of ABC News discusses how the dynamics of Election 2004 will affect issues related to mental illness.
Justice Evelyn Lundberg Stratton (left) of the Ohio Supreme Court receives NAMI's Distinguished Service Award from NAMI Board member Gloria Walker. Justice Stratton is recognized as a leading strategist in the fight for better services and an advocate for more humane treatment for people with mental illnesses. She has used her position to promote creative and effective alternatives to incarceration for individuals with mental illnesses who enter the criminal justice system. Justice Evelyn Lundberg Stratton recieves NAMI's Distinguished Service Award
Image Immediately after House passage of the suicide prevention bill named in his late son's honor, Senator Gordon Smith (left) of Oregon receives NAMI's legislative leadership award.  In moving words, he spoke of his son's memory and his family’s dedication to promoting suicide prevention
and treatment for mental illness.  Senator Smith’s wife also attended the NAMI convention and met with the growing network of NAMI affiliates that are being formed on college campuses across the country.
Attendees gather for their state caucuses. NAMI state caucus attendees

NAMIWALKS leaders from around the country


NAMIWALKS leaders from around the country gather to celebrate the second successful season of walks.

Talent show participants.       NAMI 2004 Convention Talent Show NAMI 2004 Convention Talent Show NAMI 2004 Convention Talent Show NAMI 2004 Convention Talent Show 

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