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Driven by the Multicultural Action Plan

Recovery for All
December 2007

In the last two years, NAMI was proud to host two multicultural taskforce meetings to address mental health in communities of color. During these meetings, individuals representing over 25 partner organizations and agencies identified key advocacy priority areas: 

  • Consumer and Family-Driven Care: Acknowledging that any successful changes to mental health care will require active and meaningful involvement of people with mental illnesses and their families at all levels.
  • Quality of Care and Access: Any transformation of the mental health system must address the myriad barriers to accessing treatment and must make a concerted effort to improve the quality of care provided to diverse communities.
  • Public Information (Education): Only with a base of knowledge and understanding of mental illness can communities of color become active partners in the prevention and treatment of these illnesses.
  • Workforce Development: The scarcity of mental health providers of color and the lack of cultural competency training for the existing provider community have been major factors of poor quality care for racial/ethnic individuals.

The NAMI Multicultural Action Center has been working hard to advance these areas in the last year. Below are highlights of 2007 activities in this effort:

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