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An Announcement from the University of Illinois at Chicago National Research and Training Center

We are looking for peer-run programs that are interested in reaching out to diverse cultures and in completing an assessment regarding cultural competence.

The NAMI STAR Center and the UIC National Research and Training Center on Psychiatric Disability have developed a cultural competency assessment and program planning tool for peer-run services. To better evaluate the utility of the tool, we are conducting a pilot test in which peer-run programs will use the tool to first assess and then alter their programs, while providing feedback regarding the tool’s usefulness. We are looking for programs that are interested in participating in this project. This pilot test will take place for 3 months starting in February 2009.

Qualified programs or groups:

  1. Provide peer support, services, or group sessions at least 5 hours per week.
  2. Are located in various regions of the United States.
  3. Are willing to participate in a training and ongoing conference calls, starting January 2009.
  4. Are interested in completing an assessment of their successes and struggles in reaching peers across cultures.
  5. Will receive a modest monetary stipend for their time and effort.


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