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NAMI-UPenn Partnership to Create Needed GLBTQI Resources

Recovery for All
December 2008

The Multicultural Action Center teamed up with the UPenn Collaborative on Community Integration with a shared desire to develop a recovery-focused resource for GLBTQI consumers.

The UPenn Collaborative on Community Integration is the University of Pennsylvania’s Rehabilitation Research and Training Center (RRTC) devoted to promoting community integration for individuals with psychiatric disabilities. The Collaborative creates valuable tools on community integration, topics important to mental health recovery. (See for more information.)

Since the 2007 GLBT Listening Session, the Multicultural Action Center has noted the need for a recovery-focused mental health resource created specifically for this population. To develop a recovery guide, we first came to GLBT Leaders Group then held a focus group with the Philadelphia based GLBT support group, the Pink and Blues, to garner input and expertise on pertinent issues to consider.

This experiential expertise supported the development of a booklet providing information on key issues in GLBT mental health recovery and community integration with a companion white paper with considerations for providers and policy makers. The colorful 12-page recovery guide booklet and its companion publication are in the final production stages and the two new resources will be released in 2009.

Visit for more information on GLBT mental health issues.


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