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Board Duties

We are currently developing these resources. For immediate assistance with affiliate development needs contact your National Leadership Consultant.

  • First 90 days
  • Board roles and responsibilites
  • Role of Board - Role of ED
  • Care, loyalty & obedience
  • Fiduciary Responsibility
  • New Leader Orientation
  • Board orientation book (history of org, articles, bylaws, etc.)
  • Board appraisal (whole)
  • Board members self-appraisal
  • Board succession Planning
  • Board Polices & Procedures (Manual)
    • Bylaws tools & checklist
    • Sarbanes Oxley
    • BOD Code of Conduct
    • Resolution and Dispute Procedures
  • Sample ED exit plan & exit interview
  • Sample board candidate worksheet & process
  • Clarification of "Working Board" as opposed to a strictly policy-making board
  • Board members and the media (media training for Board members)
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