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NAMI De Familia a Familia Update

Two Spanish-language workshops were presented at this year’s convention. Participants were presented with outreach and best practice strategies to continue and/or implement a Spanish-language education program. Additionally, information on the most recent scientific research on Latino mental health, advocacy work, and Proposition 63 was presented.

Rita Navarro, operations manager, NAMI San Diego and Rebecca Garfunkel, outreach and advocacy bilingual coordinator, NAMI Southern Arizona, held a one-hour workshop, Consejos para implementer y mantener un programa educativo, focusing on teacher and volunteer recruitment and retention.

They shared their strategies and best practices in order to implement and sustain an education Spanish-language program.

The following preseners conducted a 3 hour symposium, Salud Mental y Dispairdades de Tratamiento en la Comunidad Latina, focusing on the most recent mental health investigation on Latinos and the disparities the community faces.  They shared knowledge of advocacy tools and strategies that can be utilized to enhance mental health services delivery to Latinos, as well as advocacy work around Proposition 63.

Dr. Sergio Aguilar-Gaxiola, M.D; Ph.D; professor of internal medicine and director, University of California, Davis

Herny Acosta, M.A; M.S.W; L.S.W; executive director, National Resource Center for Hispanic Mental Health, Mercerville, NJ

Luisa Pérez, president, NAMI Santa Clara

Juan Pérez, vice president, NAMI Santa Clara

Thank you to these talented, passionate and dedicated leaders for providing us with empowering presentations and valuable information to continue to educate Spanish-language communities.  























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