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Advocating Amidst Budget Woes: NAMI State Advocacy 2010


Key Messages for Advocates

The costs of cutting the state's mental health care system are devastating individuals, families and our communities.

Our state's mental health care budget crisis is everyone's problem and its solution is everyone's responsibility.

We must protect and strengthen our state's mental health care system.

The costs of untreated mental illness only gets shifted elsewhere -- to emergency departments, schools, police, courts and overcrowded prisons.

Recovery for All
February 2010

In recent months, state mental health care systems have faced damaging budget cuts.  These cuts threaten the ability of community and state Medicaid and other public services to meet the needs of the hundreds of thousands of adults and children who utilize them. Realizing the severity of this crisis, NAMI's top advocacy priority of 2010 is to protect and strengthen state and local public mental health services.

NAMI is calling on advocates around the country to join in the effort to make legislators and state administrators aware of the high cost of cutting mental health and to ensure that each state is investing in proven, cost-effective programs. To unite NAMI State Organizations and NAMI Affiliates, and assist advocates in effectively speaking out on this issue, NAMI has developed a wealth of resources and information easily accessible from its state advocacy Web site.

Click here for more information about the NAMI State Advocacy 2010 initiative and to access fact sheets with issue- and state-specific information, advocacy training tools and more.


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