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2010 NAMI Convention


Posters will be presented on Friday, July 2nd and Saturday July 3rd.  You will be notified by March 5th as to which day you will be presenting.  Presentations scheduled for the Poster Session will be numbered and listed in the final convention program. 

Each bulletin board in the Poster Session will be numbered.  Mount your poster on the bulletin board that corresponds with the number assigned to your poster in the program. 

Poster Mounting

  • Pushpins will be available from NAMI.  If you need anything additional to put up your poster, please bring it with you.
  • Each bulletin is 4’ high and 8’ wide.  Each bulletin board will be numbered.
  • Identify your presentation with a lightweight sign for the top of your bulletin board.  The sign should show the presentation title and the name of the presenter.  Please use lettering at least one inch high.  If you have access to a computer, we suggest you use it to prepare your material.
  • A summary of your presentation should also be prepared and mounted.  Charts and tables, illustrations, photographs, and other explanatory materials are also appropriate.
  • You may also want to prepare hand-outs about your presentation for people to take home with them.  We suggest you have 50 copies of hand-outs available.  A small table will be supplied with your bulletin board on which you can place your hand-outs.
  • You do not need to mount your presentation on a hard poster board.  You can pin individual pieces of paper directly to the bulletin board.

Tips on Preparing Posters

Bear in mind that your presentation will be viewed by distances of 3 feet or more.  All lettering should be at least 3/8” high, done in bold type or neatly hand-lettered with a marker.

  • It help viewers if you can indicate (with numbers, letters, arrows, etc.) the preferred sequence that should be followed when viewing your presentation.
  • Try to keep things simple and avoid “arty” or overly ornate presentations.  Block coloring can be useful in adding emphasis and clarity.


PROJECTION EQUIPMENT AND ELECTRICAL OUTLETS WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE, so don’t plan on using them to present your poster. 


sample poster

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