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NAMI Connection - Education, Training & Peer Support Newsletter, March 2010

NAMI Connection Celebrates a Successful Rollout!

The NAMI Connection program has come a long way since February 2007, when the program was first piloted in Connecticut. Since that first training, the program has hosted over 100 national and state facilitator training events, training 2,000 support group leaders; we have expanded to 45 states; we have trained over 100 national and state trainers to continue program growth; we have seen the development of nearly 500 NAMI Connection groups across the country, and have reached nearly 40,000 participants - 6,000 of which are brand new to NAMI Connection! All of this, and NAMI Connection is just getting started.

The program rollout success is due to several combined efforts. Between national Connection staff members, an incredible pool of national Connection trainers, highly talented state trainers, hard working state and affiliate leaders, as well as some of the most dedicated people on the planet – NAMI Connection facilitators – this program has taken off in an explosive fashion. Although our statistics are exciting, this program is more than just numbers… NAMI Connection is a movement. Connection empowers those living well in recovery and gives people a chance to give back. The program provides hope, encouragement, understanding, and of course: sincere uncritical acceptance. NAMI Connection changes lives.

We are so pleased with the success of the NAMI Connection rollout, and we realize this was a big cross-organizational group effort. We know thousands of people have benefited from the results of our combined dedication and hard work. We are very excited to continue to grow this life-changing program in 2010!


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