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NAMI Peer-to-Peer - Education, Training & Peer Support Newsletter, March 2010

The 3rd Edition of Peer-to-Peer is now officially available! 

It is with great pleasure that we announce the release of the 3rd Edition of the Peer-to-Peer Recovery Education Program, available now.  Teaching sessions for Mentors are underway.  The new, revamped edition is proudly brought to us through the immense efforts of Sarah O’Brien, Director of Peer-to-Peer.  Sarah is especially thankful for the invaluable feedback provided to her by Peer-to-Peer graduates, Mentors, and Trainers over the years. Their faithful evaluations of the course informed many of the changes that were made.   Special thanks also to the Peer-to-Peer Advisory Committee that provided Sarah with guidance and support as she embarked on the journey of creating the 3rd Edition.

The new course- what it entails:

  • More interaction and discussion/less lecture
  • Combines read-along and take-home handouts
  • Introduces new information on mental illness and the brain
  • Includes information on suicide and prevention
  • Includes a section on physical health
  • Includes a mandatory orientation session
  • Is taught by two trained mentors and a volunteer support person

How to get up to speed with the new edition

Any Peer-to-Peer Mentor, State Trainer, or Program Director that wishes to have access to the new materials can do so by signing into the Peer-to-Peer Intranet.  In addition to reading the teaching notes that accompany the new edition, Mentors planning to teach a course this year must attend a mandatory teaching session offered via conference call and computer by NAMI National.  Teaching sessions occur once every month and Mentors must pre-register in order to receive a conference code.  Priority on the calls will be given to mentors preparing to teach in the following month.

A new State Training Manual will be made available April 18th.  Mandatory teaching sessions for Peer-to-Peer State Trainers will occur every month thereafter.  Priority on the calls will be given to Trainers offering a State Training the following month.

Find out more

If you wish to learn more about the 3rd Edition of Peer-to-Peer, or if you need access to the Peer-to-Peer intranet, please contact Sarah O’Brien, Program Director, at or Maura Bulger, Program Coordinator, at

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