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NAMI In Our Own Voice - Education, Training & Peer Support Newsletter, March 2010

Training Manuals Coming Soon!

In Our Own Voice is updating our Presenter and Trainers’ Manual. We continue to receive rave review for IOOV trainings, so we aren’t making drastic changes. Editing will focus on making the materials more user-friendly, easier to follow (especially for the Trainers!) and relevant to the audiences you are presenting to.

Planned enhancements include:

  • More exercises to practice Reflective Response and answering audience questions appropriately
  • A new section entitled, “What Do I Do If…?”
  • Improved formatting of instructions for Trainers to avoid switching sections while training

We will also be adding a “Veterans” section to “Tailoring the IOOV Presentation to Various Audiences.”

The revised manuals will be available for download May 3, 2010. For those of you holding IOOV trainings before May, just use the current 2008 manuals. They can be downloaded from the IOOV Intranet. Please call Cynthia Evans, IOOV Director, at (703) 524-7600, ext. 7987 if you need assistance logging in.


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