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2007 Exemplary Psychiatrist Award Winners

NAMI's 17th Annual Exemplary Psychiatrist Awards psychiatrists who have made substantial contributions to local or state NAMI activities. These are the doctors who have “gone the extra mile” with NAMI members in ways such as:

  • Providing excellent clinical care;
  • Providing comprehensive treatment to consumers including medical,
    rehabilitative, social and concrete needs
  • Educating family members and/or consumers;
  • Educating the public and reducing the stigma of mental illness;
  • Lobbying along side with NAMI members for parity, research
    funding, or other NAMI priorities; and
  • Ensuring that the NAMI perspective helps shape state and local services.


NAMI honors 18 exemplary psychiatrists:

Arakel Davtian, MD

Molli Hinkle, MD

Douglas Gray, MD

Daniel Hicks, MD

Anna Yoo, MD

Susan Slade, MD

Robert O. Friedel, MD

David E. Goldman, DO

Lani Nicholson, MD

James B. Whitworth, MD

Kenneth Certa, MD

Ivan Slatten, MD

Saaid  Khojasteh, MD

Aparna  Vuppala, MD

Barry Wall, MD

John Beamer, MD

Richard Whalen, MD

Patricia Guthrie, MD


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