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NAMI Faithnet Newsletter: September 2011
NAMI FaithNet Newsletter for September 2011

NAMI FaithNet Newsletter: August 2011
NAMI FaithNet Newsletter for August 2011

NAMI FaithNet Newsletter: July 2011
NAMI FaithNet Newsletter for July 2011

NAMI FaithNet Newsletter: April 2011
NAMI FaithNet Newsletter for April 2011

A Healing Agent
Deacon Tom Lambert of the Commission on Mental Illness at the Archdiocese of Chicago talks about outreach strategies that have made the diocese more inclusive.

NAMI FaithNet Newsletter: November 2010
In This Issue: A Healing Agent from the Chicago Catholic Archdiocese, New Survey: Religion Helps, Hurts Depression, CMS: A Faith and Community-Based Gathering, Social Networking Support for People Affected by Mental Illness

NAMI FaithNet Newsletter: October 2010
In This Issue: One Mind Mental Illness Ministry: Changing the World One Mind at a Time; The Role of Religion in the Well-being of Older Adults Living with Schizophrenia; The Spiritual Life and Bipolar Disorder; NAMI FaithNet Bookshelf: Just Like Your Father; October Mental Wellness Series in Indianapolis

NAMI FaithNet Newsletter: September 2010
In this issue: Opening Windows: Mental Illness Awareness Week (MIAW) and Beyond, Changing Times: Mental Health Awareness in the Jewish Community, NAMI FaithNet Training Modules Update, Mental Health in India: Most turn to Faith, not Medicine, Mental Illness: Denied or Unidentified?, Sept. 23-25: Widening the Welcome, National Conference

NAMI Faithnet Newsletter: May 2010
NAMI Faithnet Newsletter: May 2010

NAMI FaithNet Newsletter: April 2010
NAMI FaithNet Newsletter: April 2010

Sharing Hope: Community Partnership through Education Webinar
NAMIís Education, Training and Peer Support Center and Multicultural Action Center are pleased to announce a special Webinar, Sharing Hope: Community Partnership through Education to be held on Wednesday, April 14.

Silent No More: Mental Health Month
He was surprised to learn that I was no longer serving a church, but I had started a ministry to create resources to help reduce the stigma of mental illness in our faith communities.

Multicultural Outreach through Training Ministries
As faith communities expand their efforts to embrace the needs of families and individuals with mental illness, lives and communities will improve. The cry for good services will grow louder. Families and individuals everywhere will feel welcome, supported and loved. They will have better access to relief in crises.

NAMI FaithNet Newsletter: March 2010
In this issue: Multicultural Outreach through Training for Ministries, Faith and Mental Illness in the African American Community, Understanding Faith and Depression, Studies: Belief in God Relieves Depression and NAMI Wants to Hear about Your Faith Outreach Efforts

NAMI FaithNet Newsletter: February 2011

Speak to the "80 percent"
Gunnar E. Christiansen, M.D., reflects on the importance of educating and engaging the 80 percent of people who are not directly affected by mental illness in faith communities. He also highlights a number of resources that can be used to develop such ministries related to mental illness.

NAMI FaithNet Newsletter: February 2010
In this issue: Speak to the "80 percent", Through a glass darkly: How Catholics struggle with Mental Illness, NAMI Family-to-Family: A Pastor's Education, Grants Available for African American Outreach and Education Program Expansion.

A New Year Key for Success: Collaboration
Learn how a NAMI affiliate, faith communities, the public mental health care system and others are joining forces to raise mental health awareness and break down barriers to treatment in Virginia.

NAMI FaithNet Newsletter: January 2010
In this issue: A New Year Key for Success: Collaboration, Commit to Good Mental Health in 2010, Religion Often too Crucial to Ignore in Therapy, NAMI Advocate Helps Family in Need, and New Resource from Mental Health Ministries Available.

NAMI FaithNet Newsletter: December 2009
In this issue: Happy Holidays from NAMI!, Interfaith Spiritual Support in Seattle's House of Healing, Faith, Delusion and Forgiveness, Managing Seasonal Affective Disorder, Coping with the Holidays, Blue Christmas Services.


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