For Parents, Caregivers, & Youth

For Parents, Caregivers, & Youth

For Parents & Caregivers

Parents & Caregivers of Child/Teen Consumers Discussion Group
Parents who have a child with a mental illness and are looking to share their stories and find support from families in the same situation should join this discussion group.

Online versions of the Child & Adolescent Action Center's quarterly magazine that publishes articles about children's mental health issues. For a free subscription to the magazine contact Dana Crudo at

Child & Adolescent Mental Illness Fact Sheets

Family Guide to Adolescent Depression

Internet Resources Guide

Books & Audio Visual Materials Resource Guide for Parents, Caregivers & Youth

How to Advocate for Your Child Guide

Take Action
Learn about policy issues NAMI is working on and your representives as well as contact elected officials from the website. Help us improve the mental health system by taking political action! You can also visit the Federal & State Policy Legislation section of our website for more policy information.

Education Programs Designed for Families & Caregivers
Education programs developed by NAMI state and local affiliate offices for parents and caregivers of children with a mental illness.

Parents & Teachers As Allies Program
This two-hour in-service program helps families and school professionals identify the key warning signs of early-onset mental illnesses in children and adolescents in schools. Click the above link to learn more. For more information about other school-based programs visit the Schools & Education portion of our website.

Families on the Brink: The Impact of Ignoring Children with Serious Mental Illness
This report explains the results of a national survey of parents and other caregivers of children with serious mental illnesses and reveals the gaps in the mental healthcare system. To learn more about the Mental Healthcare System visit the Juvenile Justice & Child Welfare section of our website.

Custody Relinquishment Story Bank
NAMI has developed a story bank of narratives from families that have tragically faced custody relinquishment.  We encourage you to share your story with the hopes of ending this unthinkable practice.

Learn More About Your Child's Medication
Read detailed information about specific medications commonly given to children with a wide array of mental illnesses. To learn more about current research on medications, treatment options and policies regarding children's medications by visiting the Research, Services & Treatment section of our website.

Children & Psychotropic Medications Task Force Report

Contact your local NAMI affiliate for information about programs, support and services near you.

The Balanced Mind Foundation (formerly known as the Child & Adolescent Bipolar Foundation)
Resources for parents raising a child, teen or young adult with, or at risk for, a mood disorder.

For Youth

Youth Consumers Discussion Group

Books & Audio Visual Materials Resource Guide for Parents, Caregivers & Youth

Mental Illness Fact Sheets

Spanish Resources

Recursos en ESPAÑOL

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