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Health Care Reform

Medicaid eligibility for more Americans

Starting in 2014, many states will broaden eligibility for Medicaid to people with incomes of 0 to 138 percent of the federal poverty level (FPL).

If your state expands Medicaid, will you qualify?

Family SizeAnnual Income* (138% FPL)Monthly Income* (138% FPL)
1$15,856 $1,321
2$21,404 $1,784
3$26,951 $2,246
4$32,499 $2,708
5$38,047 $3,171
6$43,594 $3,633

*Slightly higher in Alaska and Hawaii. Note: this chart is based on 2013 FPL at

Is my state extending Medicaid eligibility?

Check the map below to see if your state is changing eligibility.

Where the States Stand

Learn more about how changes to Medicaid will affect you.

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