Major Foundation and Corporate Support

Major Foundation and Corporate Support

NAMI raises funds from public and private sources, including federal agencies, foundations, corporations, and individuals.

NAMI maintains Guidelines for Business Support Relationships that govern corporate relationships and protect against conflicts of interest. As a matter of policy, NAMI does not endorse any specific treatment or service.

NAMI provides lists of donors in its annual reports. In 2009, we have begun listing on a quarterly basis in this Web site registry all major corporate and foundation grants and contributions above $5,000. Entries are updated by the close of the month following each quarter and listed in the order received.

The list reflects contributions only to the national organization. NAMI state organizations and affiliates are separate entities and where appropriate are established independently as non-profit 501c3 organizations.

Learn more about NAMI's donation opportunities, including matching gifts programs. To suggest a corporate or foundation sponsor with whom you have an affiliation, please contact us.







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