Medicare Answers are Just a Click Away

August 11, 2006

People are always looking for more information about Medicare, the federal health insurance program for older adults and people with disabilities. Now, our group members will no longer have to search further than our own website.

We have teamed up with the Medicare Rights Center (MRC), a national consumer group, to provide our members and users with the information-packed website Medicare Interactive. The one-stop website is designed to provide older and disabled Americans, caregivers and professionals user-friendly consumer information about health care benefits, rights and options for people with Medicare. Members need only to log on to our group’s website and click on the Medicare Interactive link.

Medicare Interactive boasts a variety of options:

  • MI Counselor: a virtual encyclopedia of Medicare, with a variety of search options. With this, consumers can search within broad topics, look up basic information, or even seek out specific terms. The web tool contains information on both federal and state-specific resources.
  • MI Community: click on this and you can sign up for a variety of Medicare e-mail updates, from MRC’s policy alert, Asclepios, to Medicare Watch, a weekly news alert about changes to Medicare benefits and rules.
  • MI Help: find Medicare Interactive confusing? Click on this link and learn how to use the information-packed website, so you can start informing yourself.

Medicare Interactive provides answers to many questions and is updated regularly as new information becomes available. Whether you need to know if you’re eligible for extra help to pay for the new Medicare Part D drug benefit or if you have the right to buy supplemental insurance in your state, Medicare Interactive can help. The Medicare Rights Center has made Medicare Interactive available with support from the Eisenberg Foundation for Charities.

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