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About "Monuments" NAMIís 2012 TV Public Service Announcement Initiative

What is "Monuments"?

"Monuments," is NAMIís TV public service announcement (PSA) initiative. The TV PSA includes a :15- and :30-second TV spot that provides the NAMI message and information. Please contact the Communications Team directly if you are interested in print PSAs by e-mailing

What is the purpose of "Monuments"?

The purpose of "Monuments" is to define NAMI as a resource for people affected by mental illness. The key message of "Monuments" is You are Not Alone in This Fight. We believe the PSAs present a message of hope and recovery for NAMIís grassroots affiliates. These PSAs generate awareness and insight in addition to supporting the brand of the NAMI name.

Who will be affected?

"Monuments" is available to all NAMI affiliates, upon request, with a fee. NAMI Affiliate leaders who would like to order copies of the PSA may do so by contacting Katrina Gay, Director of Communications at

As a NAMI Affiliate leader, how can I best use the "Monuments" PSA?

We encourage local affiliate leaders to discuss with your other leadership and NAMI staff and prepare a short outreach plan. A small amount of planning and a commitment to follow through are necessary to ensure best results for your efforts. If you need assistance, please contact us. We are here to help!

Resources for NAMI State Organization and NAMI Affiliate Leaders

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