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Recovery for All
March 2011






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With its first anniversary, StrengthofUs celebrates reaching more than 1,600 members and introduces new interactive resources and celebrity videos.

StrengthofUs.org is NAMI’s online resource center and social networking website for young adults (aged 18-30) living with mental health conditions. It exists to empower young adults to live out their dreams and goals through peer support and resource sharing. We believe every young adult deserves to feel hopeful, supported and encouraged to love who they are.

We are excited to announce that StrengthofUs has empowered more than 1,600 young adult community members since launching in March 2010. The site continues to grow rapidly with inspiring young adults, guest blogs, positive discussions, resources and much more! This is a tribute to all of the thoughtful young adults on the site who have created a welcoming community where users can share their challenges, successes and strategies of living with a mental health condition and, most of all, draw strength from each other.

StrengthofUs now features daily activities, interactive resources and videos from celebrities who share their personal stories combating mental health issues.

Join this supportive community today at StrengthofUs.org or pass the word along to the young adults in your life.

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