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2007 Multicultural Action Center Resources

Recovery for All
December 2007

This year we have made changes to our publications, and developed a variety of new resources. We are proud to continue to share all of them with you. We hope that you are already familiar with many of them and have found them useful:

You know that this very newsletter, Recovery for All, got a new name and changed to a solely electronic format, but did you know that ¡Avanzamos!, NAMI’s Spanish language newsletter, also changed format? It is now a more vibrant publication and includes English summaries for each article. Circulation of this publication continues to increase. In 2007 subscriptions for hard copies grew 10% while subscriptions for the electronic version grew over 200%. The Multicultural Action Center listserv subscriptions also grew by nearly 30%.

 www.nami.org/multicultural to access downloadable versions of most all of our available resources or contact us at macenter@nami.org for a complete listing.


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