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Young Adult Social Networking Site Launched 

Recovery for All
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Last month NAMI was proud to launch StrengthofUs, a free online community that seeks to help young adults, ages 18-25, provide mutual support in navigating mental health challenges, as well as opportunities during critical transition years.

Announced as part of NAMI’s virtual launch party, the 1,000th member of StrengthofUS will receive an autographed copy of The Sparrow and the Crow by William Fitzsimmons, the iTunes Best Singer-Songwriter album of 2008. To learn more about Fitzsimmons, a burgeoning neo-folk star, check out the article, William Fitzsimmons: From Mental Health to Music, featured in NAMI’s e-Advocate.

StrengthofUs is a space for young adults to creatively share real-world experiences, connect with their peers and offer support, encouragement and resources. It is a user-generated and user-driven community where everything has been developed and created by and for young adults.

With funding from the Rodwell Dart Memorial Foundation, NAMI worked in close consultation with a group of college students and other young adults to create StrengthofUs.org. In addition to social networking and self-expression, the site offers resources for members and non-members alike on the following key topics:

• Mental health issues
• Healthy relationships
• Family and friends
• Campus life
• Independent living
• Finances
• Employment
• Housing

"Developing StrengthofUs taught me how inspirational and resilient young adults truly are,” said Dana Markey, program coordinator of the NAMI Child and Adolescent Action Center. “As a current member of the site, I enjoy connecting with my peers and helping others.”

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