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NAMI returns to the nation's capital for its 2014 national convention!

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2014 NAMI National Convention Slides and Powerpoints

CD/MP3 recordings of the 2014 NAMI National Convention can be ordered online through VWTAPES, the official recording company for the convention. You may also download the order form here.


Advancing Recovery - CET - An EBP Improving Cognitive and Social Functioning (PowerPoint)
Advancing Recovery - CET - Booklet (PDF File)
Advancing Recovery - New Technologies to Improve Care - Dr. Daviss (PDF File)
Advancing Recovery - New Technologies to Improve Care - Dr. Shelton
Advancing Recovery - Open Dialogue Therapy
Change the FRAME - Engagement Streams Framework (PDF File)
Change the FRAME - Ladder of Engagement (PDF File)
Change the Frame Summit Powerpoint
Change the FRAME Scenarios plus handouts


A-1 - Medication and Treatment Challenges for Young Adults (PowerPoint)
A-2 - Using Dialectical Behavior Therapys Core Mindfulness Skills
A-4 - Facing Up To Health - Michael Runningwolf (PowerPoint)
A-7 - Creating NAMI Advocates; Strategies for Engaging Youth and Young Adults (PDF File)
A-8 - Advancing the Use of Safe and Effective ADHD Treatment Options (PDF File)
A-9 - NAMI Homefront (PowerPoint)
A-10 - Perspectives on Individual, Family and Societal Stigma and the Impact on Special Populations (Powerpoint)
A-11 - Partners for Wellness (PowerPoint)
Special Interest Session - LGBTQ (PDF File)
Veterans Service Organizations (PowerPoint)


B-2 - Ask a Cop (PowerPoint)
B-3 - Getting Off the Emotional Rollercoaster
B-6 - Its All About Relationships
B-7 - NAMI On Campus
B-8 - New Psychiatric Medications (PowerPoint)
B-10 - Restraint and Seclusion in Schools
Research Update - Bipolar
Research Update - Borderline Personality Disorder (PowerPoint)
Research Update - Early Intervention (PowerPoint)
Research Update - Early-Onset Psychosis
Research Update - PTSD
Special Topic - Earning a Living - Mike Cohen
Special Topic - Earning a Living - Robert Drake (PowerPoint)
Special Topic - Treatment, Not Jail
Treatment Not Jail Veterans Resources
Treatment, Not Jail - Diverting Veterans from Incarceration into Mental Health and Substance Use Treatment
Treatment, Not Jail Resource - Draft Active Duty & Veterans Treatment Court Agreement (PDF File)
Treatment, Not Jail Resource - PTSD - Sleeper Cell (PDF File)
Treatment, Not Jail Resource Article By Major Evan R. Seamone (PDF File)


Review of AOT Laws - Resource from Special Policy Forum (PDF File)
Estate Planning Seminar
Special Interest Session - Borderline Personality Disorder (PowerPoint)
2014 Pat Deegan SDM (PDF File)
How to Develop a Strong Workshop Proposal
Research Plenary Dr. Thomas Insel (PDF File)

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