Special Needs Estate Planning


This information provided in the Special Needs Estate Planning Guidance System is intended to provide some of the missing pieces in understanding Special Needs Planning, but NAMI is not providing a do-it-yourself kit for Special Needs Trusts. This information is provided to educate in a general way and is not intended to provide specific legal or professional advice.

Use an Attorney
Please carefully select a knowledgeable attorney and other advisors, and use this information to build a tailored special needs plan for the beneficiary. Basic trust law and the individual grantor and beneficiary circumstances are vital factors.

100% accuracy would be impossible. This is complex, multi-faceted, and rapidly changing information. Your attorney and other planning professionals must confirm data from this site before relying upon that data.

I understand NAMI's Purpose and Limitation in providing this resource and want to continue learning about Special Needs Estate Planning



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