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The Process for the Granting of Affiliate Status to a NAMI Affiliate
Find out about the requirements and the process for the granting of Affiliate status to potential new NAMI Affiliates.

Performance Evaluation Form (Sample)
Sample of a performance evaluation form with an addendum for rating managerial skills

Sample Offer Letter
Sample Offer of Employment Letter

Orientation Checklist for Supervisors
Step by step instruction on how to administer an comprehensive orientation for all new hires to your organization.

Checklist for Reviewing Resumes
Step by step instructions for comparing resumes to the job requirements identified in the position job description.

Classification as an Exempt Employee
Dept of Labor guidelines on requirements to be classified as an exempt employee

Contractor vs. Employee
The IRS definitions of contractor and employee.

Performance Improvement Action Plan Form
Template for developing a plan for staff requiring corrective measures to improve job performance.

Hiring Checklist
Step-by-step list of instructions for processing a new hire in your organization. List includes required government documents, benefits paperwork, and the establishment of an appropriate personnel file.

IRS Compliance Pamphlet
Compliance Guide for 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Organizations Why keep records? What records should be kept? How long should you keep records? What federal tax reports and returns must be filed? What disclosures must a 501(c)(3) organization make?

IRS 501c3 pamphlet
Applying for 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Status

Template 1 -- Sample Plan

Board Member Job Descriptions Sample
Sample of board members' job description

Winter 2003 Track 1: The New NAMI Affiliate: An Integral Part of the Community
Operating a NAMI Affiliate in the new millenium

Winter 2003 Track 5: Capitol Success - State Public Policy Initiatives
Medicaid is the primary game in 2003 for NAMI's advocacy efforts.

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