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Garrett Lee Smith Memorial Act Signed

On Thursday, October 21st, President Bush signed the Garrett Lee Smith Memorial Act named in honor of Senator Gordon Smith's son who committed suicide a little over one year ago.  This bill will help enable states, Indian tribes, colleges and universities to develop suicide prevention and intervention programs.  Though the bill has been passed and signed into law the money has not been authorized yet by Congress for the grants that will be awarded.  It is still vital for advocates to keep informed and for us to continue working towards getting the money appropriated for these vital programs.

At NAMI's 25th Anniversary Celebration Convention held in Washington, DC in September, Senator Gordon Smith was awarded the NAMI Legislative Leadership Award. 

"Senator and Mrs. Smith have turned personal tragedy into positive public action," said NAMI executive director Michael Fitzpatrick. "They represent profiles of courage and determination born in pain and reflect NAMI’s own tradition of advocacy. Our members not only honor them - we embrace  and support them as part of the NAMI family."


Information on Youth Suicide

NAMI's Enews on the Introduction of this legislation in the Senate

Read the Bill as passed by Congress (pdf)



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